Corneal transplantation offers the potential for sight restoration for those who are blind from corneal diseases.This however is dependent on people willing to pledge their eyes for donation and relatives willing to honour that pledge upon the death of the person.This is possible only by increasing the awareness and knowledge about eye donation.

It is unfortunate that about 10 lakh citizens of our country are suffering from corneal blindness and majority are in the younger group, but we are collecting only about 22,000 eyes a year which is negligible compared to the requirement.

Cornea is the transparent structure in the front of the eyeball and it is very important for good vision. When the tranpency of the cornea is lost due to infections, injury or severe vitamin A deficiency, it results in corneal blindness.The only way to restore vision is by corneal transplantation.

Corneal transplantation is replacement of the unhealthy diseased cornea with healthy cornea from donated eyes.

Who are eligible to donate their eyes?
Age is not a restriction.
General health problems like Diabetes mellitus ,hypertension and cardiac illness are not contraindications.
People with cataract, glaucoma, or retinal problems are also eligible as cornea is the only structure that is transplanted.

Who are not eligible to donate their eyes?
People with blood borne diseases or septicemia.
People infected with HIV,Hepatitis B and rabies.

In order to donate the eyes of the deceased individual,an immediate family member must inform the nearest eye bank within 6 hours of death.The death certificate should be produced for verification . One can keep the eyes of the deceased moist by keeping the eyes closed and moistening it with wet cotton till the doctor arrives. The procedure is performed by a trained doctor and can be done in the house of the deceased person. The entire procedure takes about 20 to 25 minutes and there is no bleeding or disfigurement after completion. The eyeballs are then transported to the eyebank where the cornea is harvested and preserved so it can be transplanted later.

All religions and communities favour eye donation. Therefore, do not burn or bury your eyes after death, for your eyes can give light and vision to 2 blind people if you pledge your eyes.

Pledge your eyes today by contacting the nearest eyebank and submit the pledge form or Click to download here the "Eye Donation Form"
Further enquiries can be made by contacting Dr. Isai Mitra.